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"... inviting singer and listener to thoughtful worship through artistic choral music sung skillfully."
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A Cappella Chorale

Oasis Chorale has completed its 2014 Tour in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

In all of this tour, God has been with us, keeping us healthy, showing us connection opportunities, helping us live together with grace and friendship. Our music has matured us, enriched our souls, and knitted our hearts with a strong sense of ensemble. Our audiences were the warmest we've experienced thus far, offering their thanks and support profusely. So in farewell, we give God our deepest thanks. To our friends we are grateful for your hospitality and listening ears. Read about our travels here.

Oasis Chorale 2014 Tour

Thank you for your support and interest in our ministry. Plans for Tour 2015 are in the drafting stage and will be announced in the near future.

Oasis Chorale

Wendell Nisly
and his wife Jeanene

Wendell and Jeanene Nisly


Media Videos of Oasis Chorale

And Your Heart Shall Rejoice-CD Cover

"...And Your Hearts Shall Rejoice" is available for download or to order as a CD.


Media Videos of Oasis Chorale
More music videos are available in our media section...
Chorale Music Recordings

Benchmark Press and Oasis Chorale Invite Your Support


As I reflect on these past 10 years, my heart is filled with joy and hope as I re-live memories of the 2013 Anniversary Chorale Festival held in Ohio. It’s been a privilege to sing the timeless truths of faith. That event was a warm outpouring of love and beauty as nearly 750 people packed the pews to join in the worship and music.

“This was absolutely wonderful to listen to. Thanks so much.”

Comments like this encourage us to continue singing and supporting a capella congregational worship. We write to ask for your partnership in an upcoming project. Will you help make it happen?


One significant project you can support is the Hymns of the Church Hymnal Recording Project. Oasis Chorale has partnered with John D. Martin of Benchmark Press to publish a CD album featuring the fresh hymn tunes and texts in the new hymnal Hymns of the Church. Your gift allows us to offer this album at economical rates to churches when purchased directly from Benchmark Press or Oasis Chorale. Our vision for this project is to help congregations learn the new music found in the hymn book. You’ll find a list of our costs below. What can you give?


Simply click here to contribute online. Or send a check using the form you can download here. And while you’re at it, ask a friend to match your gift.


All glory to God! Dwight Stoltzfoos, Treasurer


Costs for Hymns of the Church Project
  • $400 Food for Singers for 2 days
  • $800 Recording Venue Rental
  • $1,400 Recording Engineer
  • $5,975 CD Production
  • $1,400 Music Licensing
  • $500 Miscellaneous Expenses